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released December 17, 2016

Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Peter Juskalian
Artwork by Reed Costello



all rights reserved


Organ Salad Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Teeth
Ive got a lot of problems under my skin.Maybe its the dirt,maybe Im wearing thin. Trying to breathe, cant hold on. Someone help me find a way out Ive been gnawing on this bonefor too damn long and my teeth are telling me: "You've got it all wrong". Let it sink a little deeper into my skin, let it hide. My body is aching with pain, someone throw me a line.
Drag me down the floor rip out my eyes and eat my heart. Throw me across the room maybe then ill see you. My teeth are cracked, cant eat
I've given up and accepted defeat. My brain has been pushed to overdrive
trying to stay alive.
Gnawed out
Track Name: Puce (feat. Reed Costello)
Pathetic mind, with too many fucking thoughts. The gears spin, but get caught. Another second thought, its itching in my veins, cant fight this feeling, this aching in my brain. And i cant wake, i cant wake, no i cant wake like this again. Trapped in this cycle defeated i lay at rest, leaving an absence of life in my fucking chest.My eyes are peeled back to my hairline.As I watch the bodies thrown into the combine. I think I'm next and I hope you’ll save the juices that come out of my chest.Now I'm just stretched out, put threw it slowly. I can see my soul being taken from me. Frantic and delirious you pull me out, but the damage has been done. Sit here, waste away its all I've got.But I refuse to change.Constrained to my own flesh.Sinking deeper and deeper, into the abyss

Reed Costello:
Stressed out, mulling over death
In the head fucked up, ODing on meth
Mouth watering colors 
I see in the color PUCE
Track Name: Spine
My mom said i should've went to school, got a degree, and wiped up my drool. Too bad i didn’t. Im stupid, ignorant and perpetually dull. Maybe some day ill find a way to impress her.
Track Name: Eye
Veins popping from my neck. The blood can drip to my chest. Maybe I’ll score a date or just accept check mate. Disgusting, piece of shit. Why me? Why not them?
Track Name: Marrow
I dream of demons in my sleep,some of them are named, others I cant see.They whisper hideous things while I’m trying to breathe, but they wont let me be
They throw me down and tie me up.I think I've realized Im not good enough
They’ve got razor sharp teeth and a bloody knife and Im terrified!
They want my Marrow, I've got nothing left. They want my Marrow, till I'm fucking spent They want my Marrow, Ive got nothing left. They want my Marrow. Motherfucker Get BENT! They throw me down And tie me up. I think I've realized. Im not good enough.They’ve got razor sharp teeth And a bloody knife and Im terrified.Ive been dragged away and been shown my mistakes. Cant see in front of me, force fed to the snakes.
Track Name: Brain
I started morning for you. Frustration, feeling blue. They whisper lies into my ear. Maybe its time for me to clear my head, cuz all i see Is your body in front of me. Devastation, no good, you went away not like you should And i cant, I cant hold on to this. You just left and checked out for what you stood for. If my brain was up for grabs, I’d give it to you. But it looks like you had no use of yours
Track Name: Wax
The sheep, they call to me to come play with them again.
I’ll tell you, my friend they aren't to shy to tell you whats inside.
Inside my stomach, my rotten stomach Wax, spewing out,
pouring from all directions, sticking to every side of my being thats going to die On the B side of life, not usually played. Stuck around for a different game. Fucked from both ends.Hopeless, not wanting to change. The bark on the tree wont grow Let my eyes roll back, moan. Wax, spewing out,
pouring from all directions, sticking to every side of my being thats going to die
Please help me I’m drowning in wax.
Track Name: Skin
Forever caught in shame, forever not the same. I am making it right when I’m the one defamed?Should I let it go or should I sell my soul. To this feeling of being stuck in a sinkhole And I’m still bitter and sad,not knowing what i have. Ungrateful forever like a fucking hag.My body’s already worn, my clothes have always been torn. I’ve stretched my skin out to far and now i feel still borne.I feel still borne! Naked I’ve entered, naked I’ll leave, its the only fucking thing i’ve got with me. Naked I’ve entered, naked ill leave. The only fucking thing I've got is my filthy skin. My filthy fucking skin
Track Name: Stitches
So much for hunger, I can see my bones. They look back and ask me how does it feel now. Im kept above a burning fire, slowly scorched till my insides just flop out on the ground. Ive been scorched all over, burnt to crisp. I tried to sow it up, but the stitches don't sit. My blood is hot, boiled within me. I didn't run to you, thrown in the dead sea. A tainted mess, covered in distress, trying to find a way out, but seeing regress. What about them? What about us? Do you think they'll see my plastic heart? No longer blind to death and evil. I know what I've seen and it reeks of fecal. Its stained on the wall, it crawls in the halls. It has moved in me and is eating my eyeball. My skins been blistered, turned from blue to black. Ive adopted defeat, there’s no coming back