Rot, Sick & Thin EP

by Organ Salad

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released August 14, 2016

All Music and Lyrics written by Organ Salad
Mixed and Mastered by Johnny Franck
Artwork by Reed Costello



all rights reserved


Organ Salad Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Rot
I want to carve your face off and wear it as my own
I've come to face the fact that I'm not you

Full of self doubt, full of self hate
Incompetent to carry this weight

But I’ll be alright

The older I get, the more I see who am
Just a dirty fucking coward who doesn't want to be free
Still laying in bed
Still jealous and sad
I'm Not who I'm supposed to be

The inside of me has been decaying for days
Like An open wound sprayed with mace
But I cut your skin off and wore it around
But all i saw was flesh hanging from your frown

As I let the carved face hang from my own
The skin began to dry and my soul began to drone

The dream was no reality
But in turn i was to become

Track Name: Sick
Ive been wondering these past 4 years
Whats so cool about being here
Is it cuz my clothes are black
And everybody's “got my fucking back”

Trying to find a reason why
We’re falling for this lie
That what we have will make us "happy"
Ill have to scream about this till my throat is raspy

You just don't get it
I just don't get it

I do the very thing i hate
Looking for nutrition on an empty plate
Looking for a place of comfort
But sadly this place is just full of distaste

It makes me bitter and mad to think that i
Could be contempt with just running away
To this stage
Where I fake who I am
How much do I make you feel sick?

I am the shit of the pigs you eat
Im not the "holy one" who doesn't know defeat
Who am i to say Im better than you
Don't I know that Im human too

And at the end of it all
Im sick, just like the rest of you
Track Name: Thin
Pull my teeth out
Throw em on the floor
Lets have some fun
And have a ball

Drooling on the floor
Cancer at the door
He knocked said hey
Eat my shit Dave

Slam my head
On my skate board
Mom and Dad
Im having fun
Watch you two fuck at night
Oh my god i think I'm gay now

Kill your parents
Burn their bodies
Take their money
Do what you fucking want

Shut me up
Spit me out

Smash my face
We breathe the same air

We breathe the same air motherfucker!